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Cultural Centre Caisa 18th of January 2024

The piece, Omia ruhje, by Omiaruhje-collective includes dance, circus and stage poetry. The collective’s artists create an atmospheric set of moments of joy and anxiety of being a human drawing inspiration from the expectations and adversities of it. 


In the piece, the bruises and outbursts of emotions mould into a forward pushing force. By cherishing darkness, the artists question their inherited and internalised roles and ways of being through softness, courage and play. 


Who invented the rules and how does one change them?


Tar and other matters is a 20-minute piece by Omiaruhje collective’s dance artists Emilia Ahopelto and Meri Salmela. It is a celebration of strength stemming from mundane and life changing moments of struggle and delight.


The piece contemplates the influence of the world's structures and expectations passed down by generations on the way of existing, creating and shaping one's own life. It lightheartedly gathers themes and ideas, such as, growing towards light, fighting, playing, and beauty standards and -rituals.


Through mediums of dance, object manipulation, literary art, and sound, the artists present an entity of ecstatic escapism with distinct ways of moving that take the performers through tar and other matters.

The piece premiered at the Redfest festival in France 3rd of August 2023.

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